The Kinema in the Woods at Woodhall Spa, Lincolnshire.

The Kinema in the Woods: A Review

So, last Saturday, my other half and I decided to watch Kevin Branagh’s new film, Murder on the Orient Express. But instead of going to the Odeon, we decided to give The Kinema In The Woods, a cinema in Woodhall Spa, a try because of the great reviews I’ve heard about the place. So without further ado, here is my review of The Kinema In The Woods!

The Kinema In The Woods

The Good

Cheaper ticket prices.
Before booking the tickets, I of course had a look at the prices to see if it was actually worth going to and I was pleasantly surprised at how much cheaper it was compared to the Odeon. For two adults, watching any film in the Kinema will set you back £13.60 but in my partner and I’s case, it ended up being £14.60 because there’s a 50p online booking fee per ticket. Watching an off-peak film at the Odeon will cost two adults £17 and that’s if you buy it at the cinema. Book your tickets online during off-peak times and it’ll set you back £20, book it during peak times and it’ll cost £23.50, so price-wise I’d definitely go for The Kinema. 

Fairly priced sweets and treats.
I’m sure we can all agree that sweets, popcorn and drinks are ridiculously overpriced at the cinema, so imagine my surprise when I saw a five ounce pack of Frosty Nerds for £1.90! A large popcorn at The Kinema cost us £3 and it was quite a big helping and to be honest, it was probably the nicest popcorn I’ve had so far, so you really are getting good value for money here when it comes to treats!

There are coat hooks either side.
As soon as we walked into Screen One, the second thing I noticed after the seats were the coat hooks that lined both walls. I thought this was a really nice touch because it meant you had a little more seat space and I also think that the coat hooks added to the overall quirky and old-fashioned feel of the Kinema.

There’s an intermission.
I don’t know about you but I hate missing bits of a film because of my tiny bladder. One of the best things about The Kinema is that there’s an intermission halfway through, so you can easily have a quick bathroom break without missing any of the film, get some more popcorn or even top up your drink. Another extra is that they even play the organ during the intermission, which rises up through the floor! I’m glad my boyfriend and I went on a Saturday and I’m equally as happy about the fact that we were in Screen One because according to the website, the organ only plays there when it’s the last film on a Saturday night, when it’s busy and when the organist is available. I definitely recommend going on a Saturday night, because the organ really does complete the whole experience.

The Bad

It’s quite a trek.
From where I live, Woodhall Spa is a 40-minute drive away, so it’s quite a trek just to go and watch a film when there’s a cinema closeby. Even though I didn’t drive there myself, it was a fairly easy drive and getting to The Kinema was pretty easy since it was very well signposted.

There are only 2 screens at the Kinema.
Since there are only 2 screens, your film choices are pretty limited. Also, the fact that Screen One seats 229 people and Screen Two seats 92 means that it can get pretty busy really fast, so I would recommend booking your tickets online or on the phone so you’re guaranteed a slot in your chosen film.

The seats are flat.
Or rather, they’re quite level with each other, which means it’s a bit of a nightmare for short people like me. Luckily, the person who was sat in front of me that night leaned a bit out of the way so I could actually watch the film, which was incredibly nice of him. Next time though, I think it’d be best to sit a little closer to the screen or sit near the edge so there’s less chance of someone blocking your view.

No cup holders.
Okay, so this isn’t really a bad point, but the lack of cup holders really did annoy me a little bit. It was annoying having to bend down to pick up a bottle of water and to be honest, after the first time, I just kept the bottle in my bag (which sat on my lap) to make it easier for myself. But imagine the pain of having to pick up your coffee or Coke every time you wanted a drink, or worse, kicking it over and making a mess because you can’t remember where exactly on the floor you left it. See? Cup holders are essential.

Overall Verdict
Overall, I really enjoyed going to The Kinema. Apart from the fact that it’s quite far from where I live, it was a great experience and was a pleasant change from bigger and more modern cinemas like the Odeon. With such friendly staff and an incredibly cosy atmosphere, it’s definitely a place I’d gladly go back to again and again. The Kinema In The Woods is a true hidden gem and I really think that it’s more than just a cinema; it’s a one of a kind experience that you just have to cross off your bucket list if you haven’t already.


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