Want It Wednesday: Pizza Pyjamas!

Ever since I moved to the UK for uni four years ago, I feel like I’ve gradually developed a tiny obsession with pyjamas, which is why this week’s Want It Wednesday is about this delicious pizza pyjama set from Missguided!

Don’t get me wrong, I had quite the sleepwear collection in the Philippines, but I couldn’t really wear long sleeve and full length pyjama bottoms, because, well, I’d get too hot in the night and it just ended up irritating me. Here though, I love the fact that I’ve got the option to switch between full pyjamas and short pyjamas depending on the season – and yes I’m the type of person who gets easily amused!


I actually saw this set on a Facebook ad a few weeks ago but it popped up again tonight, so I thought, why not feature it on this week’s segment? The best part about this little number has got to be the graphic pizza shorts.Β Anyone who knows me knows I love pizza. Anyone who knows me well knows that I love high-waisted everything and from the look of these shorts on the model, I’d say they’re high-waisted, so really, I think this pyjama set was made for me. I love how the top is a little bit more toned down (if you can call a graphic tee toned down!) and I think it actually compliments the bottoms really well.

Selling for just Β£15, this pyjama set is an absolute bargain. The only problem is that there’s only a size 12 left and I’m normally a size 6, so as much as I love and adore this piece, it’s just never going to grace my wardrobe… unless Missguided decide to re-stock these beauties.

Do you love this pyjama set as much as I do? Click here to see this piece from Missguided!


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