Lily Dale Lodge: A Little Slice of Heaven

Hidden away at the foot of the Yorkshire Wolds on the edge of a small town in Bishop Wilton, Wolds Edge have created a peaceful haven, perfect for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. My boyfriend and I have recently come back from this lovely holiday location and I just can’t help but sing its praises! Read on to find out more.

I stumbled upon this little gem when I was looking for a place to take my boyfriend for his 24th birthday. He likes going to York, so I focused on getting a place around that area that wasn’t too far away from the city centre so we could go sightseeing or shopping – whatever he wanted to do over the weekend. After a few days of searching for lodges, I finally found the Wolds Edge.

I don’t know about you, but I like doing my research before I fully commit to a hotel, a flight or in this case, a lodge. I like to know that I’m getting good value for money, I want it to look as good, if not better than the photos on the website (which more often than not doesn’t happen), I want it to be in a nice area and I want the facilities to be nice – in short, I’m quite picky. I read reviews on Trip Advisor, Facebook and even watched some videos on YouTube (this one shows Ruth talking about the lodges with Visit England) before I decided to book the lodge and now that we’re back, I’m so glad I booked this lodge at the Wolds Edge!

When we arrived, we headed for the Welcome Room to collect our keys and were met by Ruth and Steve, who wasted no time giving us advice on where to go, what to do and where to eat. We were given a little token to take to the Fleece Inn pub, which was only down the road from the site, for £4 off our meal (a nice touch don’t you think?). We were also told that our lodge was the furthest away (click here for the site plan) and that we had to drive around to get there and after being shown where the DVDs, board games and the little shop was in the Welcome Room, we headed for Lily Dale.

What I really like about Lily Dale lodge is that it’s got its own private driveway and it’s hidden away from the others. There’s a little winding path you can walk on to see other lodges and you can use the same path to go back to the Welcome Room and towards the little village. Aside from that though, nothing else connects Lily Dale to the other lodges so it was nice and secluded. So if you like your privacy then I can’t recommend Lily Dale enough! I managed to get my camera out and take pictures so I’m going to share some of them with you!

The Lily Dale Lodge at the Wolds Edge.
This lovely sign by the door welcomed us to our little home for the weekend.
We had our own private deck with two chairs, a table and the lovely hot tub!
A remarkable feat for the Wolds Edge!
The kitchen was fully kitted out and had virtually everything you needed.
The table was laid out beautifully – I didn’t want to ruin it!
The living room was spacious and extremely comfortable!
The fluffy robes and soft slippers were a nice touch.
The super king size bed was comfortable and the large wall hanging love heart was my favourite detail.
The bathroom was completely spotless and pristine.
Little touches like these made all the difference in our lovely lodge!
I love open plan bathrooms!
We were given some delicious Vanilla Bean Shortbread…
…and some Prosecco too!

You can tell that they’ve thought about every single detail that went into the making of this lovely lodge. Little details like the heart shaped coasters, the star ornament that’s hung on the bathroom wall, the red pillows and red cups that created such a lovely contrast from the beige and the whites were all given careful thought and it’s one of the many things I loved about Lily Dale. The hot tub was amazing and we spent every night relaxing, drinking Prosecco and Moët while looking at the stars and listening to music – it definitely helped us to unwind after a long day of cycling and sightseeing!

Lily Dale was very cosy and I can’t stress enough how beautiful it was inside and out. It was definitely our little home away from home and we were so sad to be leaving such a relaxing and picture-perfect place.

Our key to Lily Dale.

A massive thank you to Ruth and the team for making our stay so pleasant and thank you for the extra treats too! We hope to come back in the near future!


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