A new workout: Hotpod Yoga

I first found out about Hotpod Yoga through a friend. I looked into it after hearing how much she enjoyed it and made a point to go but forgot about it until a colleague from work mentioned that she had gone too. Intrigued, and because my work colleague gave me a referral code so I can get my first class for free, I booked a session with my boyfriend. I’ve been four times now and I’m already planning my next sessions!

I’ve done yoga a number of times at my gym so I wasn’t a complete newbie. Since the timetable for yoga classes changed, I’ve not been able to go as much as I’d like. I’d rather not finish a class at eight and get home by half eight or later, depending on the traffic. I have tea to cook and pack-ups to make, so it’s just not a schedule that would work for me. So when I found out that Hotpod Yoga had classes on from half five to half six, I was ecstatic.

The schedule board at Hotpod Yoga Lincoln. I took this when I attended the Wednesday session!

I managed to convince my boyfriend to go with me to my first class which was great! Before the session, I was told by my friend and work colleague to bring a big towel because the mats can get quite slippery during the session.

If you forget your towel on your first class, they’ll let you borrow one for free. After that, it’s £2.50 to hire one if you forget!

They also said to bring a water bottle as we’ll need it and that the stairs leading to the pod are very narrow so be careful. When we got there, we were greeted by the instructor and we told her our names so she can check us in. The Lincoln studio has showers onsite too and they even sell tops, water bottles, essential oils and massage balms. I came straight from work so got changed in one of the cubicles there, dropped off our stuff in the lockers and went up to the pod to begin the session.

You can buy water, oils, t-shirts and even hire a towel from the studio!

Thoughts after the session? It’s a lot harder than it sounds. It gets quite hot in that pod and it gets even hotter (it feels like it anyway!) when the session is fully booked as you’re packed in together quite tightly. Some of the poses that I normally could do were a bit more difficult and I’m not sure if it was because of how hot it was in the pod or because I haven’t done yoga for a few months now. Sweat was pouring out everywhere (sorry for tmi) and in each class, I had to take my top off because it just kept sticking to my sweaty face. The pod itself was quite cool though. The music playing in the background, the lighting and the essential oils diffuser created such a relaxing atmosphere. It was so relaxing in fact, that when I went the first time, my boyfriend fell asleep next to me!

Out of all the classes I’ve been to, I really enjoyed the Wednesday session with Gemma. It was so dynamic, there was lots of core work and Gemma was a great motivator so I highly recommend going when she’s the instructor! It’s quite pricey though if you aren’t a member as it costs £10 for a single class pass. They do have an amazing introductory offer for just £12 which gives you unlimited visits for 10 days and this starts on the day when you register for your first class. You can only buy this once though but let me tell you, it’s so, so worth it! They also have a referral system which credits £5 into your account for every new person who signs up using your unique code – mine is LDT17Z!

My intro pass expires tomorrow but I managed to go to three classes which would’ve otherwise cost me £30 each so I’d like to think I got my money’s worth. I’ll definitely think about buying more passes after payday though!

You will be credited the £5 after your friend has attended the class. They will send you an email saying your referral bonus has been paid!

Have you been to Hotpod Yoga before? I’d love to hear your thoughts! Let me know in the comments below!

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