First Shein order!

I’ve seen loads of ads for Shein on Facebook. I’ve always thought about ordering from there but was put off after my experience with a similar website called Zaful. I’ve read reviews about both websites and one of the biggest complaints was delivery time, the other the quality and sizing of the products you pay for. As I wasn’t completely skint before pay day came around again, I thought I’d give Shein a shot!

Like Zaful, Shein has loads when it comes to product range and the fact that they sell it for next to nothing is possibly one of its biggest appeals. I spent ages just browsing through their swimwear section and I still couldn’t believe that I could buy a full bikini set or a swimsuit for less than £10 – even when it’s not on sale. While scrolling through, I couldn’t shake off my previous experience with Zaful but I guess that’s to be expected as I was essentially going to put myself through the same thing with Shein if it turned out horribly wrong too.

When I ordered from Zaful, it took bloody ages to get to me and when it finally did arrive, I liked just one out of the six things I ordered. Sizing was all over the place, the quality was piss poor and it looked nothing like what was advertised except for the one swimsuit I decided to keep because I actually really liked it. I was apprehensive while scrolling through Shein’s website but in the end decided on two bikinis for my upcoming holiday. I didn’t want to buy too many as I didn’t want to waste money just in case I absolutely hated them all when it came.

Anyway, I ordered both bikinis on the 10th of March and it was delivered last night. According to the Shipping Info page on their website, delivery time is between 7-10 business days so I didn’t really expect to have my order this soon! I paid £18.98 and this included free standard delivery and shipping insurance which cost £0.99. I also used a discount code – 10new – which took £2 off my order. The order itself came in a bog-standard parcel bag while the bikinis themselves were in clear, plastic ziplock bags.

Packaging photo .jpg
The bikinis were packaged in clear bags.

Order #1: Geometric Ladder Cut-Out Bandeau Bikini Set 

I really liked the design on this one and when I bought it, it was £8.99 so I didn’t think twice about adding it to my basket. There were three reviews about this particular bikini and it said it was true to size so after checking the size guide, I decided to order a small and hoped for the best. Anyway, fast forward to me ripping the bag open for my orders, this one looked very much like the photo so that was a plus. The colours weren’t faded like you’d normally  expect for a bikini set that cost just under £10 so that I was happy with.

Aztec style bikini.jpg
The sun kept coming and going when I took these so that’s why they look a bit more orange!

The bandeau is pretty and I really like the cut-out detail to the front but I didn’t like it very much as soon as I put it on. It’s a tiny bit big for me and it’s a lot wider than the average bandeau. I think it will definitely suit somebody else who is more gifted in the chest area though. The bottoms on the other hand fit great and they’re actually quite flattering so this order wasn’t a complete write off as I can mix and match with a different bikini top! For the price, I’d say it was worth it. But I bet that as soon as I go for a swim in a heavily chlorinated pool it wouldn’t look as bright and colourful as it does now!

Order #2: Random Floral Top With Tie Side Bikini

I was actually having second thoughts about buying this bikini. After my experience buying the same design from Zaful went horribly wrong, I thought it would probably happen again. But it was £9.00 so I thought why not anyway. I must’ve read the reviews and checked the size guide about five times before I decided to go with a Small.

Floral bikini photo.jpg
I was pleasantly surprised with this set. They’re a definite keeper!

This one looked similar to the photos online too so I was relieved! The top fits just fine and it fit me even better after I’d adjusted the straps some more. It’s a lovely style and the little bow detail to the front makes it look even cuter! It’ll be perfect to wear for sunbathing and the floral design is so perfect for summer so I was very happy with it already – and this was before I tried the bottoms on!

The bottoms are extremely cheeky so if you’re a fan of this style, then you’ll probably like this set. Like other tie side bikinis, you have to properly tie this tight so it doesn’t slip down. They also sit very low and it’s quite a provocative style which I like. I’m just not sure it would be appropriate to wear these bottoms during a family holiday! This bikini set suits me really well and I’m so happy that it was a lot better than I expected.

Overall, I thought I’d have a nightmare when it came to sizing but it was very nearly spot on which is great considering I paid less than £20 for two bikinis. I’d definitely order from Shein again, but I’ll still be quite wary of the quality and sizing of clothes from there so I won’t go too overboard the next time I order a few things from there…

Have you ordered from Shein before? What was your experience like? Let me know in the comments below!

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