First Shein order!

I’ve seen loads of ads for Shein on Facebook. I’ve always thought about ordering from there but was put off after my experience with a similar website called Zaful. I’ve read reviews about both websites and one of the biggest complaints was delivery time, the other the quality and sizing of the products you pay for. As I wasn’t completely skint before pay day came around again, I thought I’d give Shein a shot!
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A new workout: Hotpod Yoga

I first found out about Hotpod Yoga through a friend. I looked into it after hearing how much she enjoyed it and made a point to go but forgot about it until a colleague from work mentioned that she had gone too. Intrigued, and because my work colleague gave me a referral code so I can get my first class for free, I booked a session with my boyfriend. I’ve been four times now and I’m already planning my next sessions!Read More »

Bamboo bike tour at Intramuros

So… this post is long overdue as my boyfriend and I actually did this back in November. I’ve barely had the time to sit down and paint my nails, much less write a blog post! But since my domain name has been renewed for another year, I really ought to get my money’s worth by actually blogging more so however late this post is, it doesn’t matter. At least I’m still writing about it…right?Read More »